About Jenny


A love of Art and Sculpture has always coursed through Jenny’s veins . . . . . 


Born and bred in Melbourne, Jenny’s early interest in sculpture was inspired by the traditional-styled works of Michaelangelo, DaVinci and Raphael, and the passion and movement of  Picasso, Whiteley and the Impressionists, and although completing many works in clay during her school years, that talent remained dormant thereafter for many years through the life distractions of career, travel, a precious son and equally demanding husband.

Jennys passion for sculpting  was rekindled in the late 1990’s on a trip through Zimbabwe, and although influenced initially by the African “Shona” stone sculpture, Jenny has since literally carved out her own distinctive and recognizable style, her imagination seemingly only limited by the availability of materials and time, and the physical  energy required to draw her vision from a sometimes unwilling lump of stone.

Guided in each instance by the depth of colour, size and texture of the raw material, Jenny feels embraced and compelled by each subject piece, releasing a form that lies hidden within ; graceful torsos and busts, strong-willed heads and quirky individual anatomical snapshots, all of which are at once naïve and powerful, often sensual, and highly emotional.

Jenny’s works include semi-precious Western Australian ‘Flamestone’ & rare African Cobalt and Verdite, Marble, Serpentine and Mt Gambier Limestone ; current favourite mediums include Pyrophyllite, Soapstone and Alabaster.

Always fresh and original, Jenny’s works are full of passion, extremely tactile, and unmistakedly unique;  Sculpture by Jenny Whiteside has been acquired by discerning collectors throughout Australia, and beyond.